Most popular Music Blogspots to follow on Blogger in 2020

Best Blogspot Music Blogs Music, as a platform, has always been huge – there are millions of people who identify as artists all around the world. In such a scenario, Music Blogspots are of utmost importance to us in helping one identify the type of music they would want to listen to, what is charting in different places currently. A music blogger could either create content with respect to a single genre or can make them based on all of them like the latest music or charted songs. They search through multiple music platforms to collect all the songs that fit under the genre or category of music which they want to create the content for. These bloggers take advice from their followers frequently on their personal preferences depending upon what the music blog focuses on. While doing so, music bloggers also solely dedicate their blog to creating content from their music – usually, self-composed.

Checkout this list of some of the notable music blogs on Google’s Blogger website


This is a happening blog for music lovers, in particular the retro fanatics. For the love of retro pop and rock music, this is the blog to check out. You are sure to find numerous bits and pieces of music that capture your imagination and fancy. The blog gives more definition to your taste as a music lover. If you like retro music, the blog has sufficient substance to keep you engaged for hours. It is well presented and entertaining. You’d come to know more of the numbers and bands that you had forgotten about, or never knew existed. Links to other relevant blogs keep the amusement alive.

Music Theory

This is a blog dedicated to creating musicians who are at the top of their art. It’s a great place to learn music. One can master the keyboard, synthesizer, or piano, play chords, great music, emulate one’s preferred musicians, or bring essence to the songs or music pieces one plays. Beyond amusing friends at a backyard party, a few of the resources will come handy for professionals as well. The blog is a music lovers’ paradise, and the posts in a tutorial format are well presented. An easy-to-use navigation menu further makes the site useful for music lovers.

Sophie's Floorboard

The blog has been around for some time now, 8 years to be precise. It’s an encyclopedia for upcoming bands, amateurs, and professionals, their numbers, albums, work, history, success, chartbusters, and more. The blog keeps you up to date with the rock scene and music across varied genres. It’s an interactive blog, and one can communicate with the administrators for any band they want to have featured over the blog, or any broken links concerning them. One can also search for music by genres, punk hardcore, emo scream, indie, pop-punk, and more. Toronto, Canada based Kevin is the blogger behind this blog.

Piano Sheets — Pop Songs

Several budding and professional musicians sometimes wish that they could play the piano perfectly to their favorite songs. While they may be able to do a great job on their own, there are cases wherein the original artists intrigue them with elusive pieces of music that are difficult to replicate. This blog will provide you with piano sheets for just about any song you can think of. It helps budding piano players to get mastery over playing the piano, develop their own style, and get the understanding of music that never fails to delight the audience. Ms. Rita Ora runs this blog. She has been playing piano for 26 years and transcribing pop songs since 2010.


If you are a fan of live concert music, this blog offers sufficient material for keeping you entertained for hours at a stretch, each time you log in. Live concert music has its own majestic charm which amuses some music lovers more than studio music. The audience’s singing along, clapping and the entire buzz brings the entire experience of listening to music alive. It is closely similar to attending a live concert. The blog is nicely presented and features an elaborate variety of live concert recordings of your preferred artists.

Opium Hum

Opium Hum is the one-stop-shop for lovers of music that is away from the convention. This may be the kind of music much popularized in one part of the world and not known too well in others. The genres of music over here may be described as the local mainstream. The blog discusses one album at a time and expresses the music as written content. The website has a great and unique buzz and vibe which makes it unmissable.

No longer forgotten music

As per the blog’s author, this is a blog that comprises of his favorite pieces of music from preferred artists. They are the tunes that readers should take time out for listening to. They can do so when they need to chill and relax. The catalogue more or less comprises of hits from decades ago. This is a fun and pleasing blog. To enjoy the music, all a reader has to do is download a number. Featured artists have a choice at requesting blogs written on them to be removed.

Organized Chaos

The blog talks about a range of topics, varying from parenting & lifestyle, music education, and planner tips and tricks. They got numerous resources at the site for parents, children, and teachers. The blog topics vary from managing kids and keeping spirits to high planning classroom sessions and learning music. At the blog, one comes across some free downloads and a web store that sells items such as music for children, classroom d├ęcor, and a music assessment kit. The blog is maintained by Elizabeth, a single mother to twin girls, a world traveler, and an elementary music teacher.

Breaking More Waves

The blog keeps one in tune with the happening music scene, and the latest and the best in contemporary music. Events and releases are reported as soon as they happen, making the site a preferred destination for the modernist music lover. The blog has been around since 2008 and is a nice website to visit frequently, as they publish frequently. The frequency varies between 1 and 60 posts monthly. The blog is slightly inclined towards the British music scene.

Let us know how you liked this blogspot list. If any one of your favorite music bloggers that you follow; is not covered here or have an opinion on any of the above listed blog, please let us know. We would like to keep this list up to date with all the best blogsot websites.

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