Popular Travel Blogspot Blogs

Travel Blogspot Blogs
 Who does not like traveling? There are few people who enjoys travelling as well as turn traveling into a mode of earning income through content creation. Such type of blogging falls under Travel Blogs, which are nothing but an insight into the travel shenanigans and experiences of someone – or some people like a couple, few friends, and so on. Usually, a travel blogger creates content that revolves around their journeys to different places and mostly covers everything, including the flight they booked, places they stayed at, places they visited – among other things. More often than not, a travel blogger is also sponsored by a certain airline company or a hotel organization to undertake a trip and provide the audience with an experience of it so as to add to their publicity. A travel blog could be about one person or a whole family, either going on vacations scattered in different months or living in a caravan – a very famous blogging experience these days! Please find below the list of some of great travel blogs on Google’s Blogger website.

Travel with Kevin and Ruth!

Started in the year 2007, this informative diary blog by the duo Kevin and Ruth keeps readers tuned in to their activities on a daily basis. The detailed explanations of their RV and motor-home travel throughout North America and Mexico have inspired many of their readers to take on the same lifestyle. Kevin and Ruth Read are based in Saskatchewan, Canada and married for thirty five years. They love adventure travel including hiking, camping, and exploring and always ready to try something different.   


Started in the year 2006, by a San Francisco Bay Area based blogger Kyria, this blog has great tips for solo traveler. Checkout this blog for her experiences while visiting the places around the world as well as her taken on food, books and photography.

Shereen Travels Cheap

This is a budget travel blogspot blog that gives you money-saving tips to plan affordable vacations. The blogger Shereen herself is a real budget traveler explains how to save on all aspects of your vacations without having to sleep on a park bench or live on PB&J your whole trip.

Lady & her Sweet Escapes

This is a travel blog diary of Lady Anne, a Filipino Expat Blogger in Dubai who loves to dress up, dine out and explore places! She describes herself as a full-time healthcare worker, an occasional traveler, a foodie at all times, a hopeless romantic living happily ever after.

The Geek Travels

This is the blog by Renz Bulseco, a Philippines travel blogger who shares his experiences and photos of the places that he visited.

Unhook Now

This popular Travel Blog on Blogger covers bargains tips, trends, tours designations, Trip planning ideas and photos. It hosts powerful easy-to-use travel ideas helping you travel for less cost for all levels of travel from luxury to budget. This blog site is not presently active, however check out its travel posts for trip planning ideas and tips, interesting things to do, history, and more.

MyTravellicious - Food & Travel Blog Malaysia

This is a Malaysian Travel Blog that covers bloggers travelogue and journey stories, tips, food and restaurant reviews.

Taste of Hawaii 

If you love going to Hawaii or have plans to visit, then you should check out this blog. It covers reviews of Hawaii restaurants and travel experiences from the Santos family in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Family Travel Guy

The Family Travel Guy, a travel advisor blog by Mr. Randy, is an independent affiliate of MTravel (a well-respected travel agency with over fifty years in business). It covers
hotel reviews and destination information inspiring you to travel better, smarter and help find more value for your money. The blogger Randy shares his experience, hotel reviews, destination guides, travel tips, and other details with the hope to help you on any aspects of your own travel and spark you to travel.

The Touristin

This is the blog by Berlin, Germany based blogger/traveler Dorothée Lefering. The articles on ‘The Touristin’ are about the blogger’s experiences on camping and cooking in the bush, going on road trips, as well as visits to galleries and museums or eating at great restaurants.

Paul's Travel Pics

This is a personal travel blog by Paul who covers travel, food, restaurant reviews and his travel experiences while travelling to different places around the world.

Let us know how you liked this list of blogs. If any one of your favorite travel blog site that you follow; is not covered here or have an opinion on any of the above listed blog, please let us know. We would like to keep this list up to date with all the best blogs websites.

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