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Best Blogspot Photography bloggers
A Photography Blog – commonly known as a Photo Blog – is a blog that is run by a professional photographer or simply by a person who has the hobby of photographing. These types of blogs use visual formats in the form of photo-sharing as well as a textual representation of their thoughts and facts in regard to the said photograph. A photography blogger either uses their phone to click pictures or actually follow elaborate measures - using tripods and specific cameras – to click mesmerizing pictures. These blogs can be dedicated to one's travel photography; one's everyday photography or photography related to certain social causes – a way of depicting different lifestyles. These blogs come in handy to those seeking more knowledge about the usage of various settings and the importance of right timing in clicking brilliant photographs. Please find below the list of some of great photography blogs on Google’s Blogger website.

STROBIST - Learn how to light

Strobist is an authentic photography blog and one of the most popular free resources for photographers to learn how to use camera flash like pro. This blog gives a quality lighting education. The blog has some professional photographs through which they convey their teachings. Strobist offers some online courses, video highlights, interviews/guest posts, DIY homebrew etc. It also has a bookshelf where you can acquire knowledge through books. David Hobby and his team is working for this blog. David was a staff photojournalist and has carried around 10,000 editorial assignment.

Visual Science Lab

Texas, USA based photographer and writer Kirk Tuck started Visual Science Lab blog in the year 2008. It is all about photography, art and writing. It has detailed descriptions on the photos clicked, a beautiful collection of the blogger’s favorite portrait picks as well as novels and interviews too. The Lisbon portfolio, a novel written by the blogger has gained public acceptance. Some video posts also reveal the bloggers’ way of making the blog more interactive. Kirk started his career as specialist lecturer in photography at the University of Texas.

Robin Wong's Photography Blog

This popular Malaysia based photography blog has a lot to do with photography, camera and lens reviews and finally some excellent photography tips and tricks. The blogger -Robin Wong has launched shutter therapy which means go out and enjoy making images. He left his career in engineering to be full-time photographer/blogger covering portrait, wedding, food, product, lifestyle, and event and stage photography.

Blake Andrews Blog

This is the blog by Blake Andrews who is a popular American street photographer and blogger based in Oregon The blog has many interview with several photographers. Andrews was a member of the in-public street photography collective.

Ron Martinsen’s Blog

This is the Ron Martinsen’s Blog to share his opinions and reviews on different products and software related to photography. You’ll find camera reviews, Photoshop, photography and printing topics as well as latest offers and coupon codes.

Abakus Place – Vintage photos and more

If you are a history enthusiast or like to follow vintage items then you need to check out this blog about vintage places and photos. These vintage photos has got some detailed explanations too. The blog also has free images, free picture database, historic photos, and DIY home improvement ideas and DIY hacks home d├ęcor.

David Wirth's blog

This is David Wirth’s personal blog about photography, TV Links, plants, motorcycles, computers, vacations and DIY projects. It also covers fixing things around the house, building things in the workshop, fixing cars, and remodeling house.

Laura Kelly’s blog

Wedding being one of the best moment of one’s life, the blogger cum photographer captures those beautiful moments. It is an engagement and wedding photography blog of Laura Kelly. She loves wedding photo-shoots and provides her photo-shoot experiences in this blog site.

Let us know how you liked this list of blogs. If any one of your favorite photography blog site that you follow; is not covered here or have an opinion on any of the above listed blog, please let us know. We would like to keep this list up to date with all the best blogs websites.

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