Most popular Economics Blogspot Blogs to follow in 2020

Best Blogspot Economics Blogs
As the name suggests, an economics blog focuses on the economic happening all around the world. Thus, the content curated for such a blog can be either in relation to the newest economic policy launched by a certain country, changes to already existing economic policies – including those of trade and international relations between two or more countries – or possibly about the upcoming and expected introduction of such policies. An economics blog could also be dedicated to creating content based on the repercussions of an economic policy that is already in effect. A person who runs such a blog usually has extensive knowledge of how the economies of the world work, and anyone interested in learning about the same should make it a point to follow such a blog. Please find below the list of some of great economics blogs on Google’s Blogger website.

Greg Mankiw's Blog

This is a blog on observation for economic students written, edited and published by Robert M Beren, a professor of economics at the University of Harvard. In his own expression he uses his blog to interact with fellow professors, former and current student, teachers, students and anybody who takes interest in issues concerning economics.

Calculated Risk – Finance and Economics

This is a blog written by Bill McBride a retired senior small public companies executive in the late 90’s. Holding a Masters of Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Bill gives his readers insights on Finance, Business management and Economics. Bill collaborated with Doris Dungey to help add on his ideas. Doris Dungey is a known finance blogger from the NY times.

The Grumpy Economist

Written by John H. Cochrane himself, this blog gives you news commentaries and ideas about the flow of the market from a professional’s point of view. He got this name from his kids calling him “a grumpy economist” and went ahead and used the name as his blog’s title. He is a former professor of the school of business at the University of Chicago and a re-known scholar of the Cato Institute. In his defense, he doesn’t find himself grumpy!

Conversable Economist

Mr. Timothy Taylor came up with this blog to help people understand more about economics from a professional’s point of view. A re-known teacher and author, Taylor is located in Macalester College, St. Paul MN. He wrote the Journal of Economic Perspectives to help readers understand what goes on in the world of finances and how economic decisions are made.


This is a blog that entails stale memes, economics perspectives and creates a distraction from the normal productive activities. Written by Noah Smith, he named it NoahPinion, stating that the blog is about his opinion on matters concerning the economy. He does not share his location nor contacts but can be reached via his blog.

Mainly Macro

Started in the year 2011 by Simon Wren-Lewis, Emeritus Professor of Economics and Fellow of Merton College, University of Oxford, this economics BlogSpot blog mainly covers the macro-economic issues. It is written for both economists and non-economists. Mr. Wren-Lewis is the winner of the 2016 New Statesman SPERI Prize in Political Economy.

Ed Dolan's Econ Blog

This is the blog by Mr. Edwin Dolan who has taught economics in many different countries. He holds a PhD in economics from Yale University. The goal of this blog is to promote economic literacy. Mr. Dolan has published many popular books and presentations on economics and environmental policies.

Stephen Williamson: New Monetarist Economics

This is the blog of the economist Mr. Stephen Wiliamson (Jarislowsky), Chair in Central Banking, Department of Economics, University of Western Ontario, Canada. Launched in April 2010, the blog covers things that are changing day by day in financial markets and central banks. It has great articles on monetary policy and macroeconomics.

Environmental and Urban Economics

Matthew E. Kahn is the Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of Economics and Business at Johns Hopkins University. He has been blogging since 2005 on this blog about topics related to Environmental and Urban Economics.

Economics, psychology, policy

This blog is written by Professor Liam Delaney to discuss issues at the intersection of economics, psychology, and policy, and emerging fields such as behavioural public policy and behavioral public administration. Mr. Delaney is the Professor of Behavioral Science and Head of Department of Psychological and Behavioral Science at the LSE. He have worked entirely at the intersection of economics, psychology, and public policy applications and have developed a number of programs in this area.

Fresh Economic Thinking

This is the blog by Dr. Cameron K Murray where he shares fresh ideas and analysis on several economic issues.
Dr. Cameron K Murray handles the blog who is economic analyst, teacher and Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Henry Halloran Trust at The University of Sydney.

The Dangerous Economist

This is the blog of Cyril Morong, a professor of Economics at Northeast Lakeview College in San Antonio.  On his blog he reviews on economy and how a simple lifestyle is influenced by the economy. This blog is recommended for anyone looking to learn the basic principles and how they can be applied.

Let us know how you liked this list of blogs. If any one of your favorite economist bloggers that you follow; is not covered here or have an opinion on any of the above listed blog, please let us know. We would like to keep this list up to date with all the best blogs websites.

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