Top 10 Most popular Disney Blogs to follow on Blogger in 2020

Best Blogspot Disney Bloggers
Who would not agree that Disney is one of the most popular holiday destinations for all the children as well as parents? The Disney characters, the family friendly environment, the theme parks and the ability for any age to find their inner children are just one of the few reasons that Disney is one of the most searched family vacation ideas and destinations. Families all over the world are constantly in search of the latest and greatest Disney information. Here is the list of some of great bloggers on Google's blogger platform who cover, highlight and review anything and everything related to Disney and keeps their followers up-to-date.

Disney and More

This is a popular Disney blog hosted on Google’s Blogger platform that contains all the need to know information about Disney. It gives all the current events and upcoming movies, books and clips that are Disney related. The blog also explains and resolves any issues that may arise with regards to Disney or anyone working in it.
In case you want information on Disney for your kid’s assignment or fun purposes, the blog has archives of all the information, all you need to do is use the blog search option for it. The blogger of this site is unknown.

Disney Books

Disney books provides all the details on Disney history, Disney artwork, the Walt history and its people, their series and books , fun facts and discoveries made on Disney. The blog is written by Didier Ghez a fun loving blogger since 2005. Although busy most of the time, Ghez ensures he gets back to his fans via direct messages or emails. He ensures to solve all of your Disney story fantasies and leads you to the information archive you require.

Disney Dream Girls Podcast

Disney dream girls podcast is the blog that can entertain your child from all corners. It has information on all Disney fairies, princesses and their stories. It is the best thing that happened to young girls, adding glamour to their princess dreams. Written by Jayne Phipps, the blog encourages you chase after you’re that dream girl in you that you always wanted to be. Her stories are up to date, and motivating by all ways. An author and kids writer Jayne has inspired young souls all over the world.

Disney Daddy

This is a blog that entails everything Disney. Stories, clips, fun games, upcoming and current issues, scandals and everything you need to know about Disney World. It gives insights on upcoming movies and films, getting you prepared before you get into that movie house.
Created in 2008, the writer of Disney Daddy has not availed his/her details but can be contacted in the contact us part of the blog.

My Disney Life

A blog written by Mellissa a die-heart Disney fan and geek, Disney life shares her encounters with Disney adventures and stories from all stages of her life. She loved Disney so much, she got married there. She gives you all the information you may need in planning your Disney vacation - All the fun spots, the activities and experiences. Mellissa takes you step by step through her journey making you feel like you’re already there, even though you’ve never been there.

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Blogger's Life For me

This blog has Disney travel tips, reviews, delicious recipes as well as cast member experience. The blogger Kate was a Disney college program cast member. She lives in DC however, still has a passion for Disney. An all-time Mickey fan, Kate also likes to help people with their WDW trips.

Disney News Central

Disney News Central blog is the aggregator of all the best Disney websites and resources. It has latest updates from different Disney websites, news links. It also covers Paris Disney news.

Disney Devoted

The blog says a lot about Walt Disney World. It has everything from planning for Disney trip, dining, attractions, collection and shopping ideas at the Disneyland. Trip reports and reviews are well presented. It also deals with crafts, cooking and other projects.


This blog keeps updated with Walt Disney parks as well as garden festival. It also hosts trip vlogs. The blogger Kristles started this blog as a hobby to keep her busy and to express her love of Disney Parks.

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