Most Popular Food Bloggers on Blogger platform to follow in 2020

Best Blogspot Food Bloggers

One type of blogging that has seen record growth in recent years is Food blogging. A food blogger can take up a lot of roles and responsibilities – they can decide whether they just want to create content about which places to visit for what type of food or try out something else. A food blogger can also create content regarding reviews about the food they try out at different eateries. On the suggestion of their audience, they can also go ahead and try out new places as well as dishes. A food blogger can either be restricted to a certain category of food or end up not doing so – if it is the latter; they try out different dishes and various types of food. Here is the list of some of great food blogs on Google’s Blogger site.

Food Wishes Video Recipes

This is the blog to go for, for all your favourite foods and their recipes. It is written and created by San Francisco; California based Chef John, a well-known chef for yummy food and eye catching hotel presentations. He goes and extra miles to give videos of his recipes and cooking process to ensure you cook the right way.
For those who love to keep notes, John gives links to printable recipes for his readers! Indeed, this is one of the best cooking blog!!!

Brand Eating

Brand eating is the place to go for all your fast food cravings! It gives new on the best foods where they are found and how good they are served. Cultures and reviews about different types of food. Written and run by someone with a pseudo “Q”, this is another popular food blog to check out when you want to cheat on your diet! Although most of the time he write alone, Cajole Renee adds on to his contents.

The Slow Roasted Italian

This is a food blog written by efforts of three family members with the focus of taking complicated out of the kitchen, while creating fabulous dishes. Donna, Chad and their Lil Munchkin allow you to join their trip in enjoying, family fun meals, travels and cocktail. They keep it simple and affordable, dancing all the way to laughter, Italian delicacies and lots of love. They include videos, photos and every evidence of their escapades.

The Iron You - Healthy Recipes, Fitness and Health

Ever wondered if you could eat but keep fit all at the same time? Well, that’s possible. Visit the iron you blog and you will find recipes that will ensure you eat well and healthy. That with a combination of exercises and you’re good to go. You can eat all you can, exercise and stay healthy and happy one day after the other.
Written by Mike, a yoga and food lover plus a health enthusiast, the blog is full of healthy recipes and fitness tips you require.

Deep South Dish

Deep South is a cooking blog that provides all the insights on southern dishes, their recipes and opinions.
Written by Mary, she ensures to satisfy all your southern cravings all through reading and practising, knowing where to go or how to go do it. It’s all about home, food and travel with Mary as your guide and leader.

What's Good at Trader Joe's?

Started in 2010, this blog is all about trader joe’s products. It has its best products and its reviews. This is one of the popular grocery store review stop, from people that are not affiliated with Trader Joe's.
Nathan M. Rodgers and Russ Shelly are the contributors on this blog site.

This Rawsome Vegan Life

The popular blog is particularly for vegans out there. It has some easy and delicious plant-based recipes that makes one feel extremely good. The blog covers the blogger - Em’s cookbook, recipes, resources about energy bars. She believes in Vegan lifestyle to nourish body, spirit and mind, work symbiotically with the earth, and allow all earthlings their right for freedom and justice. Em is also the author of some of the best Vegan cookbooks.

Life Tastes Good

Life Tastes Good blog is about some easy delicious recipe to cook at home. It focuses on maximising the food flavour, eating healthier and saving money. This picturesque blog site has recipe index, some DIYs, travel articles and the blogger’s  life beyond kitchen.
Marion, started this blog in 2012. She is a chief-cook, recipe developer, photographer, writer and a popular mom food blogger.

Cooking with Manuela

This is a popular Italian food blog. It has some quick and easy recipes, cooking experiences and tips. It also covers cooking videos, desserts and breakfasts. It showcases the cook books by the blogger. The blogger, Manuela grew up in Venice, Italy and now settled in California with her family. She loves cooking and have passion for Italian food.

Cooking with Amy: A Food Blog

This is a personalized blog of Amy Sherman, a San Francisco–based cookbook author, food writer and recipe developer. Launched in the year 2003, this blog covers cookbooks, recipes and everything about food. It has original recipes, reviews, commentary, news and culinary travel information.

Boston Restaurant Talk

Marc Hurwitz, a writer, editor, and photographer from Boston, MA, is a food and travel blogger who launched this blog in the year 2005. This blog is a news-based journal on the Boston restaurant scene with several news updates regarding restaurant and products. Marc is also the founder of Hidden Boston Restaurants , a website that focuses on local dining spots.

The World According to Egg Face

Michelle "Shelly"" launched the blog in the year 2007 to share  her weight loss journey tips, diet tips. The blogger Michelle who'd undergone Bariatric surgery posts recipes that she's adapted to make weight loss surgery friendly. Check out the blog to know more on how she made the changes in her favorite recipes to make them healthier.

Sea salt with food

The food blog site has mouth watering recipe of Asian delicacies. Angie Tee created this blog as a means for her to document and share all her cooking experiences and recipes with everyone. It has Malaysian food gallery, some of the picturesque representation of the food that attracts the food lovers to cook the recipe at home.

Kitchen Simmer

 Formerly known as 'Curry and Comfort', Kitchen Simmer is a creative, simple and delicious recipe book to spice up kitchen. It has Asian and Sri Lankan recipes which are highly defined and simple. The blogger Ramona started this food blog in 2011 to share her recipes.

Miki's Food Archives

The blog consists of delicious Singapore cooking and baking recipes. Started the blog in the year 2014, the blogger, Miki mainly focuses on kids friendly recipes.

Sherman's Food Adventures

This is the blog by Sherman Chan, a professional food critic and a foodie who loves hockey and softball. The blog has honest reviews and feedbacks on different food from vivid locations and of various categories. For updates on local deals at restaurants near your locality mainly around Vancouver, B.C. you can rely upon the site.

Let us know how you liked this list of blogs. If any one of your favorite cooking blog site that you follow; is not covered here or have an opinion on any of the above listed blog, please let us know. We would like to keep this list up to date with all the best blogs.

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