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best blogspot makeup and beauty bloggers
It does not come as a surprise that beauty and makeup is the most famous and common type of blogging in today's world. A beauty or makeup blogger is responsible for blogging about exactly what the name suggests –beauty, healthcare as well as makeup hacks for either day-to-day life or special occasions. A blogger in this certain field creates content ranging from DIY beauty methods to elaborate on makeup trends and also do multiple ads for various companies by either using their products in their blog entries or by reviewing it. Beauty and makeup bloggers also give out promotion codes to their followers, who then act as discount codes for them. They also have to put engaging photos and realistic captions as almost every second person is interested in beauty, healthcare, and makeup tips.
Here is the list of some of great makeup and beauty bloggers on Google’s Blogger site.

The Beauty Junkee

The Beauty Junkee is a blog written to enlighten you on the current make-up lines, beauty trends, arts, foods, upcoming and current fashion, skin care products, body perfumes and tips on how to work on your inner beauty. Not only that, it also keeps you informed on the best restaurants to visit, cool upcoming trends and destinations to go to, when you want to let go.
The blogger behind this beautiful blog site Martha is an inspiration of many ladies and girls. She encourages women to find themselves through the world of make-up and fashion. Originally from the Philippines, Martha is an Asian woman to look up to for all your woman needs.

Mateja's Beauty Blog

Started in 2010, by a Slovenian beauty blogger – Mateja, this blog site mainly covers reviews on swatches, fragrances and hair care. She focuses on giving honest opinions with high quality swatches.

Snow White and the Asian Pear

This is the place to go, when you want to know more about Korean beauty products, make ups, guidance on Asian Cosmetic world, sheet masks, Snail and fashion. They provide tutorials, addresses, mentorship and all the information to walk you through your beauty situation.
The blog is written by a Korean who has a passion for snails. Names are not provided but you can communicate with her through her page “contact us” section.

From Head To Toe

This Blogger/Blogspot hosted site is one stop option for beauty and fashion tips. The blog has several seasonal make-up tutorials. It has product reviews and skin care tips. It also covers beautiful hair tutorial.
The blogger, Jen is a designer and freelance makeup artist turned Blogger/YouTuber. She has been making YouTube videos and started blogging from the year 2008 to encourage others to be comfortable in their own skin.

Perfume Shrine

The Perfume Shrine blog is an online publication offering articles on perfumery including fragrance reviews, posts on the science of fragrance and aroma raw materials, articles on perfume history, interviews with perfumers and industry professionals, trend-watching, practical tips for shoppers and fragrance advertising evaluation, as well as flavor articles and musings on sensual pleasures & the arts.
Elena Vosnaki is the Perfume History Curator and Fragrance Expert who writes about scent masterfully and elegantly.

Good, Bad, and Fab - Style blog

This popular site is contained with beauty, style and motherhood topics. The blog has beauty tips, shopping corner, and the blogger’s outfit collection. The site is also vested with some great tips on motherhood, post-partum issues and pregnancy.
Jenny Wu is the Los Angeles based blogger behind this blog site. She is mom of two kids and fashion lawyer who loves sharing her time saving beauty tips, versatile personal style, and parenting hacks with other busy moms.

My Pale Skin

This beauty blog site features make up reviews, hauls, celebrity tutorials and make over tutorial. It also has some pampering lifestyle tips. Some tricks on being self-confident while flaunting oneself.
London based beauty blogger Em Ford started this blog in the year 2014 as the perfect hobby to distract herself from office job. It has been her favorite place to share her beauty discoveries, make friends, and improve her photography.

Jasmine Talks Beauty

This blog is mainly about skincare routine, wellness, makeup collection and hauls, photography and fashion. Birmingham, UK based beauty blogger, Jasmine shares what works for her and products she personally enjoys. This blog is not a tutorial site; she thinks of it as sitting down with a coffee and makeup bags and just chatting about beauty. Hopefully you get the same feeling when you read this blog.

Pammy Blogs Beauty

This beauty blog consists of exclusive beauty and lifestyle tips. The blogger’s favorite hauls are also presented. The blog is vested with easy lifestyle and skin and hair care tips.
The blogger Pammy, is a mother and beauty blogging product enthusiast shares product reviews, experiences, and tips and gain inspiration from the blog followers.

Nouveau Cheap

This popular blog devoted exclusively to beauty on a budget. Here you'll find drugstore makeup and beauty reviews, sale alerts, coupon info and much more.
The blogger has taken a break and not published any recent posts; however there are plenty nice articles that the readers can refer to.

Let us know how you liked this list of blogs. If any one of your favorite beauty blog site that you follow; is not covered here or have an opinion on any of the above listed blog, please let us know. We would like to keep this list up to date with all the best blogs.

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