Best Blogspot Art Blogs to follow in 2020

Top Blogspot Art Bloggers
An Art blog is a category of the blog that comments and talks about art as a specific topic. Art bloggers find the motivation in different things – some of them establish such a blog with the intention of putting their best art in the limelight, they would be called an artist. Others might develop such a blog in order to share their personal thoughts and commentary about art by other artists, with the rest of the world. The content being created under such a category can be related to water-color-based art, oil-paint based art, or other forms of art like pottery, sculpture, video art, or in the growing world of digitization, graphic art. Anyone with an understanding of art, or with a leaning towards this field, can create such content. Not only does this provide the blogger with satisfaction but also the non-artistic masses who appreciate and get attracted to such types of blog accounts.

Following websites’ listing are the best and most popular art bloggers on the Google’s Blogger platform. Please check them out and let us know if you like it.

Gurney Journey

This is one of the best art blogs to go for when you are looking for tips on practical studios and insights on how to make Dinotopia books and acquire updated reports from schools of arts and museums. It is mostly visited by comic artists, arts students, plein-air painters, illustrators, animators and writers.
This blog is written by James Gurney, a popular artist and author from Rhinebeck, New York, best known for his illustrated book series Dinotopia. In his weblog, he provides first hand, current information on museum news and news in the artistic world.


This is a nicely designed popular art/design blog where you find all the information and tutorials you need on designs and creative arts. It is an accumulation of information on photography, arts, designs (which you can create on your own), Interior designs, home décor, entertainment based designs and catering designs.
Hosted on Google’s Blogger platform, Poppytalk was created and founded by Earl Einarson and Jan Halverson and developed into a blog/creative studio in the year 2005.  Currently they have partnered with Tiffany and Co, Proctor & Gamble, Staples and Etsy, Roots Canada and Martha Stewart Living. They are based in Vancouver, Canada and have attained an audience of 9+ Million readers.

Alisa Burke's Art blog

This is a top creativity informer blog which contains all the new ways of creating distinctive original art, knowing history of different arts and fashions from different walks. Alisa Burke, a popular artist, writer and mom blogger shows you ways of exploring your world of imagination to come up with great ideas for graffiti and perfect arts, while staying up to date with the new fashion trends. She was inspired by the ability of creating personal independence though art. Alisa is a Graduate of Portland, a state university for fine art and her paintings have been exhibited in a variety of galleries and her handmade, painted accessories are carried in a number of boutiques across the United States.

Cassie Stephens' Art Blog

Cassie Stephens’ blog is a showcase of art projects and lessons, DIY projects and outfit photos as well as clothing that she made herself. This artsy Blogspot blog hosts a variety of art related videos followed by the art and craft lovers.
Cassie Stephens is an art teacher at an elementary school in Nashville, Tennessee. She loves thrift shopping, sewing wacky outfits to accompany art lessons and doing videos on crafts she makes.

Making A Mark

‘Making A Mark’ is a top blog for artists and art lovers in UK that covers news about major art competitions and exhibitions, interviews with artists, techniques and tips for art and business.
Katherine Tyrrell, London UK based blogger/artist, is the person behind this blog, who retired early in 2005 and since then she has been writing blogs, websites, books and articles and advising artists.

Artist Guity Novin's blog

Guity Novin, is a well-known Iranian-born Canadian artist, she is known as a figurative painter, and graphic designer.
Her blog site could be easily called as textbook of ‘History of Graphic Design’. It has some unusual aspects and good examples of art from Iran and the history.

Dishfunctional Designs

‘Dishfunctional Designs’ is one of the best creative blogs which has craft ideas and upcycle tips for home décor. The blog is contained with several upcycle DIYs, crafts tutorials, inspiration, life and style. The site also portrays the upcycled garden and Boho ideas.
Laura Beth Love, artist, Jewelry Designer and author from Pennsylvania, United States is behind this popular blog.

Messy Little Monster

‘Messy Little Monster’ is a blog full of art, craft and activity ideas for kids. It has fun ideas for kids, babies, toddlers, preschoolers and older children to enjoy.  The blog has printables for requirement and a shop spot.
An ex-teacher and mom blogger from England, Louise is behind this beautiful blog who inspires people with the arty, crafty, messy fun that she enjoys with her children at home.

Inside The Rock Poster Frame blog

Inside The Rock Poster Frame blog provides the viewers with some excellent stock posters for rock, Posters, Prints, Art, Movie Posters, Rock and Roll Gig posters etc. The blog gives free posters for designing during Fridays and has a good collection of sample posters. Also, it hosts competitions and interviews of the artists.
Founded in 2009, this blog site delivers information about the latest work of peoples’ favorite artists and cool products. The blogger behind this site is a male from USA whose name is not known. He loves art and music which is perfectly portrayed in the blog.    

Monster Brains

Founded in January 2006, Monster Brains was born out of a passion for all things monstrous, from old nightmarish woodcuts of demons tearing through Hell to more modern depictions of monsters on paperback covers, magazines, trading cards, comic books and so on.
  This blog is curated by Aeron Alfrey, an artist of many grotesque and monstrous visions. Much of the art shared on this blog site is the work that directly influences his own creations.

smART Class

Launched in the year 2008, Elementary Art Fun (also known as smART Class) blog has some simple and creative art and craft ideas for children out there. Videos are uploaded in a structured way with well explained steps. Highly creative ideas make this blog more attractive for children and their mothers.
  The blogger Natalie, lives in Houston, Texas is an experienced artist and teacher.

Poul Webb’s Art and Artists blog

Poul Webb’s Art and Artists blog site is more of a professional guidance and discussion on different techniques of painting from oil color, etching, and engraving. The blog covers some creative film and series posters too.
Poul Webb is a UK based popular painter and printmaker artist who started the blog in the year 2010. He has been represented in many international exhibitions.

My Froggy Stuff

This blog offers an excellent funky-chunky artistic, creative craft ideas. There are so much attractive printables uploaded in the site which are extremely helpful in enhancing the viewer’s creativity. Myfroggystuff also hosts a ‘Darbie show’- a drama starring Barbie doll which attracts every viewer out there.
Myfroggystuff was launched in the year 2011 by the mother daughter duo –Latoya and Bella - the creative minds who love doll fashion, home decor, art, photography, and crafts!

Illustration Art

As the name suggests Illustration Art is one of the best Illustration art blog. It is about the illustration of stories, comics, advertisement and social issues through art. It also has comprehensive descriptions about some great art and artists.
David Apatoff, an "illustration scholar" and art critic launched this blog site in the year 2005. He closely follows great artworks and the same attitude has worked out well in the blog.

Let us know how you liked this list of blogs. If any one of your favorite art blog site that you follow; is not covered here or have an opinion on any of the above listed blog, please let us know. We would like to keep this list up to date with all the best blogs.

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